Lexington Children's Place


Lexington Children’s Place, the Lexington Public Schools district wide preschool program, is dedicated to helping young children, with and without disabilities, learn together in an inclusive and developmentally appropriate learning environment. The program has been located in the “New" Harrington School, in a wing designed to meet the educational and therapeutic needs of our students, since 2005.

Over the summer of 2016 five additional classrooms were renovated in the “Old” Harrington School to provide additional space for the programs growing enrollment. This additional space enables the program to meet the educational needs of the students, but the separation between the two buildings is not ideal for the program.

School Committee has prioritized creating a single space that will meet the needs for these students, now and into the immediate future. Lexington Public Schools staff is working with DiNisco Design to review concepts and provide recommendations to School Committee on a location that can meet this priority.


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