1. Would the proposed addition at Clarke allow for the option to add a third floor in the future?

  • Code regulations would not allow for the addition of a third floor now or in the future.

2. Could a 3-story addition occur above the gymnasium? (Clarke)

  • The current gym structure will not support a third floor.

3. Has the idea of a multi-building campus been entertained for the Middle Schools?

  • While it would be beneficial for getting the students outdoors, separate buildings could pose an issue for security and lockdown situations.

4. Could you please provide a description of the bus circulation and the proposed improvements? (Clarke)

  • This is still in development, but we intend to maximize the bus loop for buses, while the other buses would cue on Stedman Road, which would need to be widened to accommodate this concept. The options for circulation improvement would also include additional parking, potentially adjacent to the existing tennis courts. The design team is also looking into options for permeable pavement in locations closer to the wetlands.

5. If the plan is possible to use pre-fabricated buildings temporarily, why not use modular buildings?

  • The consensus plan includes pre-fabricated buildings, with a life of 20-25 years and the options will start with this plan and then work from there for other options.

6. Is there a point at which the smaller additions could impose limitations to the existing core spaces?

  • Yes, and the impact on the overall program is being evaluated.

7. Can the wetlands be moved?

  • Replication could occur up to 5,000 square feet, but wetlands are a major factor in what happens on these school sites.

8. Could Diamond have a 3-story addition?

  • Yes, but structural adjustments would need to be made in order to provide additional roof support for snow loads from the adjacent two story buildings.

9. Could seating in the cafeteria be added at another floor level? (Diamond)

  • This could be looked into, but it would likely cause the space to be demolished and rebuilt.

10. Could the courtyard be enclosed to create an interior space? (Diamond)

  • Yes, but it would also require access into the courtyard for service.

11. Does room sharing impact education?

  • The schools try to keep shared spaces within the same subject, but it is not always possible. Shared spaces do require some compromises. Shared teacher planning spaces, rather than using general education classrooms can also be beneficial.

12. It has been mentioned that Clarke is being considered for temporary buildings, but Diamond is being considered for more permanent additions. Does this interrupt the elementary school flow?

  • The School Committee has started the process on how to distribute the students throughout the system. The School Committee is also working with administration to understand what the options are and the associated cost impacts.

13. How many floors would the pre-fabricated buildings be?

  • The pre-fabricated buildings would be 1-story, whereas bricks and mortar additions would be two stories.

14. What are the parameters for achieving parity between the schools?

  • The middle schools currently offer similar programming and the intent of this planning effort to provide comparable programs.

15. What is the lifespan of the existing buildings?

  • The two middle schools are active for the foreseeable future. The overall educational program will dictate the lifespan.

16. What is the lifespan of the 6 existing pre-fabricated buildings at Diamond?

  • The units are at the end of their useful life and will be replaced.

17. Will additions at Diamond be pushed out if it is a bricks and mortar addition?

  • The configuration is not yet decided. Pre-fabricated buildings would be installed for September of 2016, and bricks and mortar additions would be built for September 2017.

18. Is there a large enrollment increase at Clarke?

  • For next year, Clarke enrollment is increasing an extra ½ team.

19. How will the flow in the hallway at Clarke be impacted with the higher enrollment?

  • Dedicated stairwells have been utilized in the past during years of higher enrollments.

20. How does moving forward with the project work if money has not yet been appropriated?

  • Funding has been approved at the March Town Meeting that will enable the design team to work efficiently through a Fall Special Town Meeting.

21. Is it more expensive for a bricks & mortar addition or the pre-fabricated buildings?

  • Though slightly less expensive, the advantage of pre-fabricated buildings is a shorter construction period.

22. How long does it take to install the pre-fabricated buildings?

  • The installation can take 6-8 weeks, after 6-8 weeks of site work.